Distokia, kesulitan melahirkan/beranak #dystocia


anjing ukuran kecil bisanya mengalami distokia, biasanya dengan sebab anak terlalu banyak anak terlalu besar


tnda tanda distokia : More than 30 minutes of persistent, strong, abdominal contractions without expulsion of offspring More than four hours from the onset of stage two to delivery of first offspring More than two hours between delivery of offspring Failure to commence labor within 24 hours of the drop in rectal temperature – below 99° F (37.2° C) Female cries, displays signs of pain, and constantly licks the vulvar area when contracting Prolonged gestation – more than 72 days from the day of first mating; more than 59 days from the first day of cytologic diestrus (the stage directly following the stage when conception would have occurred – can be determined by owner with vaginal swabs that are taken throughout pregnancy); more than 66 days from LH peak (luteinizing hormone, which peaks at the time of ovulation); (See Breeding, Timing) Discharge of uteroverdin from the vagina (a greenish-black pigment that is produced by the dog’s placents), preceding the birth of the first offspring by more than two hours – indicative of premature placental separation Presence of bloody discharge prior to delivery of the first offspring or between fetuses vaginal wall to elicit abdominal straining [feathering]); the lack of this response indicates uterine inertia

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